Your self-care resolution? Get Disney’s streaming service now!

Your self-care resolution? Get Disney’s streaming service now!


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Sit back, relax and relive your memories. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you feel a little worn out by the epidemic and are looking at yourself comfortably, now is a great time to look forward and establish yourself with peace and care.

You can do your best to lock in self-care options that really benefit you (e.g., as opposed to salty snacks in the middle of the night in a dark kitchen). Because even when life is going very well, we need to recharge and recover. And in the days when the modern world has improved among us. When spread across the sofa, far away, what can we collect? We want to get a great go channel to soothe this sick soul (something more healing than that) Law and order With Ben & Jerry).

As it happens, Mouse’s new streaming service is uniquely unique in dealing with Disney + existential cats. It’s 24/7/365 for you, it has no calories, it is warm and safe and cheaper than therapy. And if you take care of yourself as a pop culture, the Disney Channel would be like a refreshing top-off in a day, like a lifetime subscription to Disney + Canon Ranch.

Start disabling Disney +

The service premiered in November, marking the opening of Disney’s ‘Vault’, which means All Disney movies are now available, At the push of a button. And let’s be clear: nostalgia is involved in moderation Good, Even maintenance. Sometimes art can reconnect us with the things that matter to us, remind us of why we are here, for whom we are here. It is the supernatural, the superfood of the soul.

So log on, create a vowel and backup: In addition to decades-old oak, Disney + Innovative offers many contemporary, even brand new movies and series to erase and bring back surprises. Is.

Snow White (Photo: Disney +)

Snow White (Photo: Disney +)

The moving masterpiece that started it all is based on the Grameen Brothers fiction. It’s beautiful and amazing, that’s for sure, but what’s even more important is to look at it like someone’s day is wrapped in a mountain of blankets and, once again, its timeless message. The Danger of False and Drug Madness and Unemployment Its second message: Beware of the old boards that offer tasty apples.

Bambi, Thamper and Flowers (Photo: Disney +)

Bambi, Thamper and Flowers (Photo: Disney +)

Although he was nominated for three Oscars, his greatest achievement was to provoke a sea of ​​tears. That Scene But hey, there’s nothing wrong with crying, and while we humans aren’t the real heroes of this story, nature’s resilience, the power of friendship, and the warmth of the heart and the comfort of life There is so much to do. (Also for ‘Lifecycle’, see also: The Lion King.)

Swiss Family Robinson (Photo: Disney +)

Swiss Family Robinson (Photo: Disney +)

Never underestimate the power of memory of our first encounters with classical literature. If you’re looking for an audio visual of these parrot memories, Disney + will provide it in dynamic and live action form. Robinson of the Swiss family (1940), Treasure Island (1950), Alice in a fantasy world (1961), Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) and James and the giant Peach (1996), to name a few, very few.

Wall-E and Syria (Photo: Disney +)

Wall-E and Syria (Photo: Disney +)

Prove that it doesn’t have to be old to be a classic And That beauty and love can prevail even on a human free, trash-filled land, Andrew Stanton’s future story is a mind-blowing, heart-wrenching Odyssey. You will laugh, you will cry, you will know a lot, More The big picture of our existence; and on the other hand feel; be alive.

Mr. Ramsay on Nut Geo (Photo: Disney +)

Mr. Ramsay on Nut Geo (Photo: Disney +)

Feeding the soul is all right and good, but let’s put the metaphor aside for a bit and get caught up in the wonder of literal, real food, wonderful food! Gordon Ramsay has brought the ability to escape from his destinations, but more importantly, his curiosity is about discovering some of the most amazing, wonderful and fascinating food in the world.

The sound of music.  (Photo: Disney +)

The sound of music. (Photo: Disney +)

And just in case you’re not surprised by the light of his eye-popping alpine cinemas, Rogers and Hammerstein’s panthers are singing along to the soundtrack and are amazed by the power of nature that is Julie Andrews (who Surprisingly, it trampled on the world just a year ago Mary Papins, Also available on Disney +), you may be medically dead.

Parent Trap which included Haley Mills and Haley Mills!  (Photo: Disney +)

Parent Trap which included Haley Mills and Haley Mills! (Photo: Disney +)

We love them, our worlds revolve around them, I wish we had them, we want them to be still Were One is the heart and soul of Disney +, which is why Walt started in the first place. They take us back to their years of experience and give us hope for the future. And sometimes they are as ridiculous as hell. Some old tips: Peter Pan (1953), پنوچیو (1940), Parent Trap (1961), Bedcombs and broomsticks (1971) and Apple Dumpling Gang (1975).

Ugly Dachand starring Deg Jones and Susan Plasset.  (Photo: Disney +)

Ugly Dachand starring Deg Jones and Susan Plasset. (Photo: Disney +)

Do you prefer a variety of reptiles, four-legged and winged animals? Well, Disney + has got you covered, just like the childhood mistakes The book of the forest (1967), That darny cat (1965) and Ugly (1966), live action adventure (1991) White feng) And the incredible ‘reality’ classic, Dog whispered with Caesar Milan (2004).

Uh, this Jeff, um, Gold Blum!  (Photo: Disney +)

Ah, this is Jeff, Um, Gold Blum! (Photo: Disney +)

Don’t laugh – this guy is like a walking, inspiring app. And the title of this brand new Disney + series is misleading: in fact, it highlights Jeff’s contagious curiosity, child-like surprises, and deadly investigations of everything from ice cream, shoes, jewelry, tattoos, denim, and barbecue. does.

Start disabling Disney +!

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