You are not my prime minister: Amna Ilyas on PM Imran Khan’s views on vulgarity, rape

You are not my prime minister: Amna Ilyas on PM Imran Khan’s views on vulgarity, rape


Pakistani actress and model Amna Ilyas has criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan’s views on pin due to the country’s rising number of rape cases.

With the rise in cases of sexual violence, including rape, the Prime Minister set it on fire after linking it to “obscenity”.

His remarks came during a meeting where he was taking calls from the public when a citizen asked what the PTI government was planning, especially in light of the rising incidence of sexual violence against children.

On Instagram, the 33-year-old blew up the prime minister and called him out for his “insensitive” remarks.

“Please tell cows, dogs, dolphins, cats and children how not to be obscene,” he said.

“If you had paid attention to the 50 even law, there would have been some big change.”

He aligned himself with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former US President Donald Trump, who are known for their tough methods.

“I thought you were not as apathetic as Modi or Trump, so I voted for you.”

“After Jinnah and Bhutto, you are the only prime minister whose country listens. You asked the country to look at Artaglool and they did. You told them to read a special book and they did.

“When will you realize how harmful your statements are?”

The model then signaled to the Prime Minister to withdraw his statements.

“You like to withdraw your statements, so please, I request you to withdraw this statement, otherwise at least for me, you have not been my Prime Minister since that day.”

The video echoes the sentiments of other celebrities, including actress Ayesha Omar and Ayman Khan.

Take a look:

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