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Yasmeen Rashid is reviewing facilities for Cove 19 patients

Yasmeen Rashid is reviewing facilities for Cove 19 patients

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LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid on Monday reviewed the situation of facilities available for 19 patients available in private hospitals at a meeting of Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education here.

Prof. Dr. Mahmood Shaukat, Special Secretary Salut Saeed, Consultant Prof. Asad Aslam Khan, CEO Punjab Healthcare Commission Prof. Saqib Aziz, Director Licensing PHC Dr. Anwar Janjua, DG Labor and representatives of hospitals were present in the meeting.

Representatives of private hospitals included Gharki Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Fatima Memorial Hospital, Surjimd, National Hospital, Hameed Latif, Shalamar Hospital, Gulab Devi, University of Lahore and other hospitals.

Special Secretary SH&ME Department Ms. Salut Saeed reviewed the situation.

“We have had detailed meetings with representatives of the private sector. About 20 private institutions are attached to the teaching hospitals. Each teaching hospital has two ventilators and 20 beds reserved for corona patients,” he said.