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Working out? Working from home? You need Bose’s SoundSport wireless earbuds — they’re on sale for $99

Working out? Working from home? You need Bose’s SoundSport wireless earbuds — they’re on sale for

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Save $ 31 and pump your workout pump – choose from three colors! (Photo: Bose)

It’s May, so we have to ask … Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolution to exercise? That’s fine – if you don’t – we’ve got your back. Along with a new pair of shoes and maybe some exercise gear, you’ll need a great pair of airbuds to get you through these tough sessions on the treadmill – remember, summer is just around the corner!

One of our favorites? Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, which sell for only $ 99, or 31 31 at QCC. It’s the lowest price on the web right now, and buyers are saying they’re “the best endbeds ever.”

If you want to pay ایک 99 instead of once (understandable), QVC lets you choose five ‘easy pieces’ of just $ 20, with no interest. In addition, you get free shipping.

New to QVC? You can earn up to 10 extra bucks with promo codes presenting At checkout, however, if you are a second time QVC shopper, you can also get 10. Extra with coupon code. Hello 10 At checkout

Kiss in all its glory

The Bose SoundSport wireless headphones will rest comfortably and safely in your ears, and they’re waterproof, so if you’re in the middle of a sweat session, they won’t suddenly die or slip. And since they are through Bose, the audio is clearly stellar: clear, rich and balanced. “The sound is what you would expect from a Bose product. It was easy to set up on my Android and phone calls come through Crystal Claire,” the five-star reviewer explained.

“This is my first time using wireless headphones and they’re great,” said another excited shopper. “The sound is amazing and it stays in charge. I like that as soon as I turn on the headphones, they automatically pair with my Samsung Galaxy phone.”

Save 31 and upgrade your audio!  (Photo: Bose)

Save 31 and upgrade your audio! (Photo: Bose)

The best exercise partner

Bose Wireless Airbus connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth with playback of each charge for up to six hours. Built-in navigation lets you control volume levels, skip tracks and even take sync calls on your mobile device once (compatible with both Apple iPhone and Android smartphones) Is). During the workout you will be able to enjoy all your favorite music and podcasts. See them in action here.

Want a boss? Here I have it: “I like these headphones more than any of my other Bose products – they produce the most bass,” said one satisfied KVC buyer, “although they only charge 60 to 70 percent.” They are still there. My workout is over … they stay in my ears until I sweat on the elliptical shape. “

Carrying the kiss buds comes with an easy task, and you can choose from three colors: black, aqua and citron. Choose the ones that suit your style and move on!

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