Tom Holland on the ‘very freeing’ experience of playing drug-addicted anti-Peter Parker in ‘Cherry’

Tom Holland on the ‘very freeing’ experience of playing drug-addicted anti-Peter Parker in ‘Cherry’


Tom Holland is not with Peter Parker. In fact, he is actively driving a hype train to three palaces this year. Spider-Man: No homeCall it the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever Telling us He has only seen one superhero film in a month shooting for “The Most Impressive Fight Scene”, and is even trolling fans with fake title releases.

But in the midst of the popular 24-year-old Bert Webb slinging stent, playing the opposite role of Robert Downey Jr., has been terrifying. (Doltl), Will Smith (Spy in disguise(And Chris Pert)Forward), Hanging out with Robert Pattinson The devil all the time And this week’s long-awaited sci-fi adventure is buzzing about Daisy Ridley Chaos. But this is from the Netherlands others New release this week – Black Drama Cherry – which marks the actor’s longest distance from the cleaner Parker.

A-Team Marvel’s directors Anthony and Joe Russ.Captain America: Winter Soldier And Civil war, Avengers: Infinity War And End gameAnd based on Nico Walker’s novel, R-Rated Thriller stars the Netherlands as a veteran of shootings, sex, bank robberies, and the Iraq war.

The Netherlands said in a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment, where Costar joined Sierra, “The Netherlands said,” To be able to play any role without limits, there was no limit to what we could do with these roles. ” How far can we go in reviving? “Bravo (see above) when you are making one Spider man The movie has an audience that you have to meet, and yet it is like you can push these characters into deep and dark places.

Tom Holland in ‘Cherry’ (Apple TV +)

With war photography, post-traumatic stress disorder and heroin / opioid addiction, Cherry deals with some brutally heavy material, which has severely damaged the Netherlands.

“When it came to the emotional side of making this film, there were no easy days, no light days,” Holland said. “Especially when we were going through the dope life part of the movie. For that, Sierra and I needed to somehow push ourselves into emotional places that I didn’t really know I had done at times.

“I remember doing some scenes and they say, ‘Cut it!’ And because of that, ‘I didn’t know he was in me.’

Bravo plays the wife of a Dutch girlfriend, who is also addicted.

“I think it’s important to note that there is an aspect of hope in this film,” he said. “And keeping that in mind during the shooting is to keep my head above water and make sure.” “I can walk as long as I need to.”

Cherry Now on March 12, Apple TV is playing in theaters and premieres.

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