The Russians believe the corona virus is a biopin

The Russians believe the corona virus is a biopin


MOSCOW: Nearly two-thirds of Russians believe the corona virus is a man-made biological weapon and have agreed to inject less than a third, a poll said Monday. Observers say the findings reflect a lack of transparency in the authorities due to epidemics and deteriorating relations with Western countries.

According to a survey by the Independent Levada Center, 64% of respondents said that Covid 19 was artificially created and that it was “a new form of biological weapon” while 23% believed that the virus was “human intervention. Without “appeared.

A survey of 1,600 respondents in late February also found that the number of Russians willing to be vaccinated against the virus had dropped from 38 percent in December to 30 percent. ۔

Of those who did not want to be vaccinated, 37% said they feared side effects, 23% were waiting for the results of clinical trials and 16% said they had “no sense in spraying”.

In Russia, the domestic Sputnik V vaccine, dubbed a Soviet-era satellite, initially had doubts about its high-speed track registration in August before large-scale clinical trials. But the Lancet medical journal published results in February showing that it is safe and more than 90% effective.

However, the Russians have inherited mistrust against the Kremlin since Soviet times, due to a lack of clarity from the country’s leadership during the health crisis. The death toll, released in February, suggests that the actual number of deaths from the coronavirus in Russia last year may be higher than the government reported.

No official figures have been released on the progress of the vaccination campaign, although an epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health said in late February that about four million Russians had received the jawbone.

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