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The Royal Shakespeare Company named the female head

The Royal Shakespeare Company named the female head

The British Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) on Wednesday announced Shriti Vadera as its new chair, the first woman to lead a prestigious theater firm and a colorful figure.

Vadera, a former Ugandan-born investment banker, will take the initiative at RSC in August, after more than a year of intermittent Corona virus bans cut off the lives of several theaters and other arts organizations.

Central England – Shakespeare’s birthplace – Stratford-upon-Avon was founded in the 1960s, but performances in the city date back to the 19th century. In addition to producing plays by renowned sixteenth-century playwrights, the company also features works by contemporary and modern Shakespearean writers.

Vedera said she imagined Shakespeare in Uganda and India where she grew up, and through these plays “I have the courage to desire life-changing possibilities.” He added that he was excited to support the RSC and the championship, as it “emerged from one of its most difficult years, which has responded to the global epidemic.”

After fleeing Uganda with his family after deporting Asian minority communities in the 1970s, Wadera has played a leading role in large multinational companies.