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“The Future Of Award Shows” Or An Elaborate Funeral? Late-Night Hosts Give Their Thoughts On 2021 Oscars

“The Future Of Award Shows” Or An Elaborate Funeral? Late-Night Hosts Give Their Thoughts On 2021 Oscars

Late the night after the Oscars, hosts Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel presented their ideas at the unconventional 2021 event, which offered a mixed perspective.

The most compassionate person at the awards show so far was Noah, who said that the Oscars “pulled off many cold moments” despite the global epidemic.

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“I mean, we got to see the awards show at the train station, right?” Daily show The host noted, citing the Union Station venue that allowed the show to run safely. “We saw Regina King step up, and we also got to see a close-up audition in Cardin B’s next video.”

As Noah mentioned, the 93rd Annual Academy Awards also went down in history. While Of Nomadland Chloe Zhao became the best director, and the first woman of color to win threatenOf Noah jokingly said that Joh became the first Korean to win the War Union acting category, his friend Daniel Calvia “became the first person to lose the Oscar and his mother that night,” Noah joked.

He then cut a clip of Chloe talking about celebrating life, and thanks to her parents having sex once, so he could survive. “Ah, ah, ah … did this boy just have sex in front of his African mother?” Uh, let me tell you something. Forget saying that my parents Was Sex He jokingly said that just saying sex in front of African parents would be immediately given by an ass with a lot of memory. “Actually, I’m sure he didn’t hit Daniel’s ass just because there were so many white people there.”

However, Calvia’s comments were well received by those who attended the event. Noah said, “If you ask me, I think this is the future of award shows.” Forget the agents, and the managers and the crowd; I see Brad Pitt’s father holding pictures of his shy children in the bathtub. I want to. “

Like Noah, Colbert couldn’t help but be touched by Calvia’s sexual comments. He added, “Daniel, you don’t extend your parents’ sex life in an Oscar acceptance speech. Late show. “You play it in a two-hour movie, so you can win your movie the second Oscar “

Colbert also touched on the historic achievements of the night. But what was special about him was that his own band leader and musical director John Battist won the Oscar for Best Original Score. Batist shared an Oscar for Disney / Pixar Spirit Composer with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

“What an amazing feat, especially for some of us,” said the host, “the biggest feat of the past year was washing our sweat once a month.”

From Colbert’s point of view, the rest of the “scaled down” event proved to be “less news at the Oscars.”

“When he connected like the glamorous roots of the Oscars, when Charlie Chaplin accepted the Oscars from the bus depot driver.”

The most shot at the Oscars was Kamil, who hosted the show in 2017 and 2018. Long live Jimmy Perfect!Camille opened her monopoly by talking about rapper DMX’s commemorative services.

“You talked about mass funerals, did you see the Oscars last night? It’s not like a lot of people did,” he insisted.

As Camille noted, the event’s rating dropped from 23 million last year to less than 10 million. “So what kind of thing can surprise so many people to sleep?” He thought.

Certainly, the host said, the Oscar producers tried to mix things up in one year, without parallels. “It was Oscar who finally answered the question, ‘What happens when you don’t close acceptance speeches?’ “Turns out, they last a very long time.”

Later, Kamil turned to the biggest surprise of the evening, seeing the late Chadwick Bosman lose to the best actor. “Everyone thought it would go [him]. He even saved the category for the show’s end, assuming it would be a big, emotional moment. “But instead of Chadwick Bosman, Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor for Playing Man with Dementia. Father-And he was so determined for his role, he forgot to attend the Oscars.

According to reports, Kamil said that by the time Hopkins won his second Oscar, the actor was already asleep. He said, “What a great sign this is for Network Television,” when he says, ‘Hey, Anthony, you can win tonight,’ and he likes, ‘I put it on YouTube yesterday. will see.’

Keeping in mind the tradition, Camille wrapped up her Oscar category with a red carpet interview at the event, which was hosted by the host. Long live Jimmy Perfect!He has his own Guillermo Rodriguez, in which he picks up hidden drunken shots with the stars, including Paul Race, Raz Ahmed and Viola Davis.

Camille and Colbert’s Oscar talk segment can be seen below. Check out Noah by clicking above.

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