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The French police smash gang parties to stop the violence code

The French police smash gang parties to stop the violence code

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PARIS (Reuters) – Hundreds of people rallied with underground parties in at least two cities over the weekend to stop the French coronavirus, while police managed to stop organizers from rioting in Paris.

Near the eastern city of Dijon on Saturday, about 400 people gathered on a derelict hangar before police managed to cut off power to the sound system around 2 a.m. Sunday. Despite efforts to clear the compound, police used tear gas to prevent dozens of others from trying to hide.

Two people, including a suspected administrator, were detained, and police issued 205 fines for disrespecting the nationwide curfew, which began at 7 p.m. “This incident is totally irresponsible in view of the health crisis in the country,” Fabian Sadri, a senior government official, told AFP.

Another illegal group was discovered late Friday in Howt Corley, a village in the West Britney region, attracting about 500 people. Despite police intervention, many people stayed overnight at the site on Saturday, although all had left by Sunday morning, police said, adding that about 3,330 fines had been imposed for violating the code. ۔

Meanwhile, in Paris, police foiled a plant in an industrial zone near the southeastern edge of the city, detaining three people, including a suspected administrator, on suspicion of endangering them. “These people will do better to stay at home, and be patient for a while,” Justice Minister Eric Dupont Morty told France Inter Radio.

President Emmanuel Macron last week acknowledged his eagerness to get out of the country’s third virus lockdown as he announced the lifting of sanctions in phases over the next two months. Secondary schools will reopen on Monday and a nationwide curfew will be lifted on May 19 until 9pm, when cafes and restaurants will be allowed to reopen for outdoor seating only. France reports 113 more deaths, 5 deaths and 5,581 patients in intensive care.

The number of patients in intensive care units rose from 4 to 5,581 on Sunday, halting a five-day decline, health ministry figures said. However, the death toll was lower than yesterday’s figures. In mid-1953, New Zealand agreed to reopen its travel bubble with Western Australia on Sunday, 24 hours after the grounds of flight when three people in Perth tested positive for the Cove 19.

Health officials said that after consulting with their Australian counterparts, they had determined that the risk of going to New Zealand was not significant and that flights could resume on Monday. However, anyone who has been to “places of interest” identified by the Western Australian Government cannot travel to New Zealand. Within 14 days of exposure

“Although the risk to public health is considered low, we should all remain vigilant as we enjoy the opportunities that free travel through quarantine has given us,” said Ashley Bloomfield, director general of health.

It was the second disruption in the ground-breaking bubble between New Zealand and Australia in two weeks, which it ended more than a year after its inauguration as the two closed their international borders due to epidemics.

Flights between New Zealand and Western Australia were temporarily suspended after a community transmission was recorded on April 23 and the Perth and Peel areas were sent to a three-day lockdown.

Flights to two other states and territories were not affected. The bubble, hailed as a major milestone in the resumption of the global travel industry after months of negotiations between its large-scale Corona virus-free neighbors, crippled by Code 19 epidemics Is.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called on the British people to maintain their commitment to the “last resort” in the fight against the corona virus, saying that as long as all legal restrictions on social interaction are lifted. There is only “a little bit more time” left until it is finished.

But steady action outside the lockdown was a “great way to go”, despite the fact that people want to embrace family members. Robb did not confirm the Sunday Times story about schoolchildren being vaccinated, but said “all the different emergencies” were being looked into.