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Tech helps UK medical students learn safely

Tech helps UK medical students learn safely

Tinton, UK: The rural county of Somerset in south-west England is best known for its cider, and modern technological innovation seems unlikely.

But, due to a disruption in studies caused by the corona virus epidemic, medical students at Missgrove Park Hospital in Taunton’s main town are joining virtual reality technology to help them with their studies.

Clutching hand-held controllers and immersed in large headsets, students are placed in virtual intensive care units.

With the help of this technology, he learns how to explain diagnosis and treatment plans, deal with challenging situations as well as engage patients and their families without attending private sessions.

The initiative is being spearheaded by British startups whose VR technology has helped the UK’s government-funded National Health Service (NHS) rise to the heights of epidemics.

“In general, it’s very difficult for people to see this in practice because there are only three or four people in the operating theater,” Alex Young, Verti’s chief executive, told AFP.

“But with this kind of technology, you can immerse 15 to 20 people in one of these environments and really scale how people learn and train,” he said.

VR experience seals the approval of both trained and more experienced medical professionals.

Richard Bamford, who specializes in hospital specialties and courses, said: “It’s reproductive, it’s reliable, and it’s based on a real-world setting. It’s as realistic as it can be.

“It gives them (students) a good opportunity to train, especially at a time when training is affected for a variety of reasons. Code is one of them.”