Taylor Swift is incredible and the kindest individual, says singer Olivia Rodrigo

Taylor Swift is incredible and the kindest individual, says singer Olivia Rodrigo


American singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo spoke well of pop star Taylor Swift when the pop icon showed love and approval for the teenage actress who called her an “incredible” person.

The 18-year-old singer said on the series XM’s The Morning Mashup podcast, “He’s the kindest person in the world.” “Actually, last night, like literally 12 hours ago, I got a handwritten note like that from him.”

About the status sent by the pop star, the bizarre actress recalled, “And she gave me this ring because she said she wore it like that when she wrote ‘Red’ and she She wanted me to be like her and all these wonderful things. “

Praising Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo said the famous singer wrapped the gift in her hand and added, “I really don’t understand where he gets it at the moment.”

“But, like him, I feel so lucky that I was born at the right time to find someone like him.” “I think he’s incredible. All its support [has been so] Real, for me, empathy and enthusiasm have been so much, so realistic. “

Swift has previously expressed her love and support for Rodrigo, especially when his song “Driver’s License” was among the top three songs on the US iTunes chart.

Rodrigo is seen sculpting Swift, who said in an Instagram comment, “I say this is my baby and I’m really proud. Rodrigo also praised the pop icon, saying,” American iTunes. Next to Taylor on the chart. I am in tears.

On March 3, the teenager revealed in an exclusive interview with Ryan Sext on Air that Swift had contacted him and said, “Taylor actually sent me a letter that I opened last night. Handwritten. Like a letter because she’s incredible. She’s out of this world.

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