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Sturgeon called for an investigation into the epidemic

Sturgeon called for an investigation into the epidemic

Edinburgh: Nicolas Sturgeon has reiterated his call for a nationwide inquiry into the corona virus epidemic following Bourne Johnson’s allegedly “embarrassing” remarks.

Scotland’s first minister argues that bereaved families deserve answers in light of reports of an epidemic response, saying he would see “piles of corpses” instead of a third lockdown ۔

Johnson has denied the allegations, although both BBC and ITV have confirmed the allegations. But the SNP leader has now said that the bereaved families will be “shocked, but not surprised” by Johnson’s alleged remarks.

Calling for a public inquiry, Ms Sturgeon said: “Given the remarks made by the Prime Minister, it is more important than ever that the family have the answers, and it is a shame that the British government He denied his request saying that he must have seen and heard these disgusting comments.

“These comments seem to be about human life, people’s families and friends and should never be forgotten.

“Most people will be shocked but not surprised by the Prime Minister’s statement, but for families who have lost loved ones, reading these comments will be very disturbing.

“I expect the Scottish Government to scrutinize our actions and is committed to a public inquiry this year.

Ms Sturgeon, who met last month with the Cowade 19 Brewed Families for Justice group, has promised that if the UK government refuses to stop anyone on a four-nation basis, Scotland will be closed by the end of this year. Promised to order a public inquiry.