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Stalin has power in Indian state elections

Stalin has power in Indian state elections

New Delhi: A politician named after Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was set to take power in an Indian state on Friday as elections in another key region of the country approached.

Exit polls suggest MK Stalin’s Dravida Mannitra Kahagam (DMK) party has won the Tamil Nadu elections in southern India by a wide margin. The four-time left-wing chief minister of the state, M Karunanidhi, paid homage to the communist leader and named his son after Stalin.

Born a few days before his death in 1953, Indian Stalin – a determined Democrat – admitted in a 2019 newspaper interview that his name had caused some strange moments in Russia. “As soon as I landed at the Russian airport, I was asked to give my name. When I said that, a lot of people at Stalin Airport started looking at me,” he told the Times of India. He told the Times of India. “During my passport check, the authorities asked me a number of questions before allowing me to enter,” he said of the 1989 trip.