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South Punjab Secretariat will function properly after Eid: Minister

South Punjab Secretariat will function properly after Eid: Minister

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MULTAN: Punjab Energy Minister Dr Akhtar Malik on Monday said that the South Punjab Administrative Secretariat would function properly after Eid-ul-Fitr at the Multan Judicial Complex as a temporary arrangement till the completion of the new secretariat building on Multan Medical Road. ۔

Talking to reporters, the minister said that the Punjab cabinet had approved the new year amendment in business in December. He said that in the new rules, apart from policy making and implementation of laws, all powers have been delegated to the South Punjab Administrative Secretariat. He said that South Punjab Secretariat would be fully empowered in all matters so that it could provide relief to the people of the region.

The Minister said that all these procedures have been supported by the efforts of the Punjab Government. He said that search for a temporary building for the Secretariat has been started, adding, “I have inspected the new Judicial Complex in Multan so that the South Punjab Administrative Secretariat can be set up under temporary arrangements.”

He said that Additional Chief Secretary South Punjab Captain Saqib Zafar (R) also visited the new Judicial Complex and persuaded him to start the functions of the Secretariat after Eid. Dr. Akhtar said that South Punjab Law Secretary Bahadur Ali Khan, Health Secretary Ajmal Bhatti, Deputy Commissioner Ali Shehzad and Additional Secretary Rizwan Qadeer also visited the newly constructed Judicial Complex. The Minister also inspected the parking areas and conference rooms in the Judicial Complex.

The Minister said that a report on the use of Multan Judicial Complex building was being prepared as it would be sent to the South Punjab Secretariat to the South Punjab Cabinet Committee. The Cabinet Committee will send recommendations to the Punjab Chief Minister for its final decision. Captain Saqib Zafar (R), Additional Chief Secretary, South Punjab, said that a large building was urgently needed for the complete functioning of the Secretariat. The ACS said that the establishment of offices of secretaries of all departments in a single building would enhance coordination. He said that the Punjab Chief Minister would take a final decision regarding the New Judicial Complex.

South Punjab Law Secretary Bahadur Ali Khan said that if the government decides to set up a secretariat in the New Judicial Complex, the building would be handed over for this purpose. He said that all the courts in the New Judicial Complex would be shifted to another suitable place.

DC Ali Shehzad said that 791 kanals of land and electricity, water, gas and all facilities have been covered in the Judicial Complex.