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Sindh government to spend Rs 1 billion for rehabilitation of PSM oxygen plant: Murad Ali Shah

Sindh government to spend Rs 1 billion for rehabilitation of PSM oxygen plant: Murad Ali Shah

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Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. Image: File

KARACHI: As the country battles a dangerous battle with the third wave of Coronius, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah announced that his government would “intervene” in running the oxygen plants installed at the Pakistan Steel Mill at a cost of Rs 1 billion. Will

We are going through a very serious situation. Therefore, we must be prepared to face any emergency.

The Chief Minister told the health officials that the new wave has badly affected the major cities of Pakistan.

Murad said, “We are also facing the severity of this and efforts are being made to control the situation. The Chief Minister has reviewed the situation of the corona virus and implemented the recommendations to control the epidemic.” Had met the doctors for

During the meeting, the doctors appealed to the CM to make necessary arrangements for the preparation of oxygen.

Dr. Qaiser Sajjad said, “When a patient is given oxygen on time, his chances of going to the ventilator are reduced,” and appealed to the provincial government to take necessary steps to run the oxygen plants of Pakistan Steel Mills. ۔

The Chief Minister said that a team of the Federal Government had visited the Pakistan Steel Mill Plant and said that it could not be revived.

“We had a meeting with the people of Pakistan Steel Mills and they told us that it could be rehabilitated within three months at a cost of Rs 1 billion,” the chief minister said, assuring the doctors that he Send your expert team to inspect the plant. See if it was alive.

The meeting was attended by Provincial Ministers, Dr. Azra Pechoho, Nasir Shah, Provincial Government Spokesperson Murtaza Wahab, Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah, PSCM Sajid Jamal Abro, VC Dow Dr. Saeed Qureshi, Dr. Bari, Dr. Faisal, Dr. Shehla Baqi, Jinnah. The hospital executive attended. Director Dr. Simin Jamali, Dr. Nusrat Shah, Dr. Rafiq Khokhar, Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, Dr. Ghaffar Shoro, Dr. Sharif Hashmi, Dr. Qazi Wasiq, Dr. Anoop, Dr. Faisal Mahmood, Dr. Sabir Memon, Dr. Abdul Bari and others participated.