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She is 0-for-12 at the Oscars, but Diane Warren remains upbeat: ‘I hold a record in something!’

She is 0-for-12 at the Oscars, but Diane Warren remains upbeat: ‘I hold a record in something!’

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Diane Warren attended the 93rd Annual Academy Awards on April 25, 2021 in Los Angeles. (Photo: Matt Sales / AMPAS via Getty Images)

When Diane Warren lost the Best Song Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards, the talented singer set a dubious record. In 0-for-12, she is the woman with the most nominations in Oscar history without winning.

Performed by the 1987 film “Starship,” the virus was first introduced 33 years ago by Warren, who was nominated for the discovery of infectious electricity. That’s when it kind of rained down on you. ” ManicureAnd the recent Aaron crooked “Fight for You” beat Warren’s “Io Si (Seen)” by Sophia Loren. Life ahead.

But there’s nothing stopping Warren from getting excited about the whole thing.

“I’m like, ‘Hey, I have a record of something!’ So I’ll take it, “she says. “It means I’ve been selected 12 times by some of the world’s greatest composers and songwriters who make up the Academy’s music branch. So I can’t complain about that.”

“Maybe one day I’ll win, or I’ll keep going back. I’m glad I was invited to the party.

Glenn Close & Mela Conis & # 39;  Four good days & # 39;  (Vertical fun)

Glenn Close and Mela Conis at ‘Four Good Days’ (Photo: Vertical Entertainment)

Warren, who has been nominated for four consecutive years and six of the last seven, has created an art of writing music and lyrics for films, and she returned to it as soon as it was released. Four good days.

In the play, a heroin addict (Mela Kons) tries to clear and reconcile his relationship with his grieving mother (Glenn Klose) after 10 years of lying, stealing and mismanagement.

Warren wrote the opening and closing credits on the credit track “Do It Somehow,” performed by national legend Reba McIntyre.

“It’s a great movie, and it’s a great movie. After all, this is what is happening in this country and this is a true story, ”says Warren, who wrote the song during the epidemic between the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and the premiere of the film, which will be released in April 2021. And there was hope in what struck me. Since that hope is gone, where there are so many issues, it’s not a pity. But I wanted to have hope and flexibility in my song and the power of the human soul. It doesn’t matter what you do, you can achieve it. Somehow, somehow, you do. “

Although Warren has not yet met Connie, he did cross the road near the Oscars, from where. Hull cat litter Once again, the nominee was short.

“She lost her eighth Oscar, I lost my twelfth. “We’ve had 20 losses since then,” Warren said with a laugh.

Warren is amazed at the pair’s performance Four good days, They are called “amazing”.

“Glenn Klose has always been great and I think she will be nominated for the ninth time.” “And the mix is ​​amazing.” You don’t know what a mess it is, it’s amazing. I think they will both be nominated for an Oscar for that.

At this rate she will be with them, just happy to be nominated, but hope for success.

Four good days May 21 is now playing in theaters, and the video premieres on demand.

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