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Shangla Land Computerization in the last phase

Shangla Land Computerization in the last phase

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Mingora: The process of land computerization in Shangla district has entered its final stages, an official said.

Faiz-ur-Rehman, Deputy Director Database, said that after 100 per cent completion of work in Alpuri Tehsil, modern style of service has been started, while the work of computerization of land in Bersham and Tehsil Puran will be completed by December.

Later, three service delivery centers in Shangla will provide modern revenue related services. The cost of Shangla centers is Rs 66.24 million.

Officials said the data entry work in these three tehsils has been completed 100 per cent, while 35 per cent work remains to be done in the process of correcting or transferring the property. In this phase of data entry, the data of 11,6000 landowners has been computerized.

The Deputy Director said that this task was not easy in Alpuri Tehsil as the file contained complex data and information. He said that with the entry of data in the computer, on the one hand the record has been corrected and on the other hand the actual ownership and quantity of land has also been determined.

He said that the biggest benefit of going through this phase would be that there would be no more illegal changes in the information related to land and the information related to the property would be provided to the owner with a single click.

He said that the concerned staff would be present at the service delivery center under one roof and for any change in the data. The owner has to go through the verification process through the biometric system so that no tampering with the data is possible.