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Senior Tories say the prime minister should step down if the rules are broken

Senior Tories say the prime minister should step down if the rules are broken

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LONDON: A British Conservative elder called for the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday, proving he violated government rules on financing the grand renovation of his Downing Street flat.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross’s phone call came as new polls suggest the ruling party’s dominance over the opposition Labor Party has been lifted ahead of Thursday’s British local elections.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb said the Conservative Party took the powerful election commission’s investigation into the apartment financing seriously, but dismissed the allegations as “title totals”.

He told Sky News Television that Johnson himself was “crystal clear” about paying for the redirection, although Labor and others have indicated that he would have stepped in if it had been initially secretly funded by the party’s donor. If so, they have failed to respond.

Robb also said that the prime minister had “no idea” if he would ask conservative donors for help in caring for his children and paying for a personal trainer, as reported by the Sunday Times. The newspaper quoted a donor as saying: “I have no objection to paying for the booklet, but I am angry that the Prime Minister has been asked to pay to literally clean the bottom of the baby. “

The Electoral Commission announced on Wednesday that it had launched an investigation into the premises, after information and her fianc allegedly ran a bill close to 200 200,000 ($ 280,000, 0 230,000). Is doing, which could potentially involve the police.

Ross was asked on BBC television to release the prime minister if the ministerial code was violated. “Of course,” replied the Scottish Conservatives, who are trying to step up party support against pro-independence parties in Scotland in Thursday’s election.

“I think people are expecting the highest rank in the world, so I think people are looking at the investigations that are going on and waiting for answers,” Ross said.

The Electoral Commission is considering whether any party’s donations were legally declared, and Downing Street has launched two investigations to renew itself. Johnson dismissed the line as “nonsense” on Thursday, but a new poll suggests that Labor’s government is repeatedly retaliating for attacks on “sledges.”

The Focal Data Survey for the Sunday Times says the Conservatives’ previous strong lead has been wiped out and their support across the UK is now 40 per cent, just one point above Labor. Another Opinium poll found that the Conservative lead had fallen from 11 points to five, with Johnson’s party registering 42 percent of Labor’s 37 percent.