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Rs 1.23 Corruption Reference: Khurshid Shah presented in court

Rs 1.23 Corruption Reference: Khurshid Shah presented in court

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SUKKUR: Police on Tuesday produced accused Syed Khurshid Shah before the Sukkur Accountability Court, along with his two wives, his nephew and 18 other co-accused, including Sindh Transport Minister Syed Owais Qadir Shah. Corruption of Rs. And MPA Farrukh Shah.

Talking to media outside the court, PPP leader Khurshid Shah said that instead of pursuing the opposition, Prime Minister Imran Khan should ask the people about the performance of his government in the last two and a half years.

He also asked the media to bring the initial statements and announcements of the Prime Minister during the election campaign, so that people can analyze the performance of the present PTI government and also know how many promises the Prime Minister had fulfilled. ۔ He said that a political movement should be launched against Imran Khan to include the people in the board and it should not be stopped.

According to reports, FBR and NADRA officials have recorded their statements. Khurshid Shah said that there should be no politics related to Corona but everyone should follow the proposed SOPs to eradicate epidemic diseases. He said that Pakistan’s offer to help India in the current Corona situation was good, but the Indian government did not respond to the offer of humanitarian aid. “The decision to reconsider the case of Justice Qazi Faiz Essa is a good one,” he said.