Rohail Hayatt puts weight behind PM Imran Khan over rape, modesty comments

Rohail Hayatt puts weight behind PM Imran Khan over rape, modesty comments


Pakistani music producer Rohail Hayat supports Prime Minister Imran Khan’s views on Shaista and the culture of rape.

With the rise in cases of sexual violence, including rape, the Prime Minister set it on fire after linking it to “obscenity”.

His remarks came during a meeting where he was taking calls from the public when a citizen asked what the PTI government was planning, especially in light of the rising incidence of sexual violence against children.

Speaking to the former cricketer, the Vital Signs member said on Twitter that Khan’s words were “out of context”.

“I am sure that the words of Imran Khan PTI have been taken out of context and the so-called champions of freedom and liberty have created a huge uproar. He is condemning rape in clear words and this It conveys the message that there is an invitation to go beyond the bounds of decency and who can deny that? ” He wrote.

“They’re both really the same. Extremists! They both shout slogans to kill each other and they both hate everything except their own ways. One wants to cover from head to toe and the other strips down from head to toe. Wants to keep down their preferences.

“Politeness is not an extremism. If this ideology wants to be considered, it is a central idea. I would advise people to try to reach the middle ground and not play any ‘extremist’ game. Don’t get caught. “When necessary, mud flies and ducks,” he said.

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