Raja Riaz claims that Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen was in touch till the polls

Raja Riaz claims that Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen was in touch till the polls


LAHORE: PTI lawmaker Raja Riaz, an aide to Jahangir Tareen, on Wednesday claimed that party leaders were in touch with Prime Minister Imran Khan up to the no-confidence table in the National Assembly against the prime minister.

Riyadh, I Geo News Show ‘Sixty of Shahzeb Khanzada today’In general, Tareen played a key role in ensuring that Prime Minister Imran received a vote of confidence from the National Assembly.

Riaz claimed that once Prime Minister Imran received a vote of confidence, relations between the two ended. He added that after the abrupt end of contact, action was initiated against the PTI leader and three FIRs were registered against him.

“This raises the question, if Jahangir Tareen is not getting justice, then how is the opposition being held accountable?” The legislator from Faisalabad said.

‘No separation from PTI’

On Wednesday, exiled PTI leader Jahangir Tareen said his loyalty to Prime Minister Imran Khan was being tested, but that he was not talking to the PTI separately.

Tareen was talking to the media after reaching the banking court to attend his bail hearing.

“Not one, not two but three FIRs have been registered against me,” he said.

He said that out of 80 sugar mill owners, Jahangir Tareen could be seen by all those who were being targeted for revenge.

The PTI leader had said that his “loyalty was being tested”. He added that investigations into the sugar crisis had been ongoing against him since last year.

He lamented that his account as well as those associated with his son Ali Tareen had been frozen. “Why have my accounts been frozen? Who is doing it? Who benefits from it?” He asked.

Tareen said he was “seeking justice from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf”, adding that he was a friend but was being “pushed towards enmity”.

The FIA ​​registered cases against his son Jahangir Tareen

Earlier this week, it was reported that the FIA ​​Lahore had on March 22 registered a case against the father-son duo for alleged fraud of Rs 13.14 billion.

The FIR alleges that Jahangir allegedly transferred illegal shares worth billions of rupees to Farooqi Pulp Mills Limited (FPML), which is owned by his son and close relatives.

He says the exchange, especially after 2011-12, was a “clearly fraudulent investment” for Jahangir’s family, which ultimately translated into personal benefits. About Rs. 3 billion was invested and laundered through this factory.

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