‘Princess Diana would’ve done everything in her power to damage monarchy’

‘Princess Diana would’ve done everything in her power to damage monarchy’


Princess Diana’s life in the British royal family has been tumultuous, to say the least.

And while the late monarch was certainly abused in her marriage to Prince Charles, a royal observer has suggested that the Princess of Wales may have done anything in her power to harm the royal family.

This comes after Diana’s previous love affair when Dr Hasnat Khan recently manipulated her in a notorious panorama interview through the BBC, which not only hurt the royal but also Diana. Was

Speaking on RAI’s Unomattina program, Ileria Grilini rejected her comments about Diana’s manipulation, saying she wanted to harm the kingdom with her far-reaching statements.

He said, “He loved Diana very much. He was a very nice person anyway. He was probably the only person who had never been interviewed. He was the only person who contacted Diana and said ‘don’t sell her.’ does.

He added: “And now he’s come out with the story of the BBC interview, he said he was deceived. Anything that could harm the royal family. ”

He added: “She was 35 years old, she gave an interview to the BBC. She had to suffer the consequences.

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