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Prince William Drops Out of BAFTA Awards Following Prince Philip’s Death

Prince William Drops Out of BAFTA Awards Following Prince Philip’s Death

Prince William has been ruled out of the BAFTA Awards this weekend following the death of his grandfather, Prince Philip. Different types Has confirmed

“In light of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Cambridge will not be able to be part of the BAFATA programming this weekend.” “Our thoughts are with the royal family, with whom we extend our deepest sympathies at this time.”

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Prince William – who is the president of BAFATA and usually attends the ceremony with Kate, the front and center (pictured) – is already with the three-time BAFATA winning costume designer Jenny Bevan at Saturday Night’s Craft Awards. Were the guides to the recorded conversation. Makeup and hair designer Sharon Martin. Their conversation would have touched on the struggle of filming in Lockdown and the art of filmmaking in general.

He was also expected to speak at Sunday’s Central Film Awards. It would be direct, and delivered via a virtual link. However, it is possible that the prince felt that his involvement was inappropriate just a day after the death of Prince Philip, the first president of the organization in 1959.

BAFTA has a long history of imperial presidents. Richard Attenborough, a “Gandhi” director, has been a member of the royal family. Prince William was named president in 2010, and he took the veil off his aunt and the queen’s daughter, Princess Anne.

The BAFTA Film Awards will be held over the weekend night on both BBCs, which are returning to normal after extending their regular schedule on Friday following coverage of Prince Philip’s death. The corporation’s program has expanded so much in the last 24 hours that it has been forced to create a separate complaints page for angry viewers.

Earlier on Saturday, gun salutes were fired across the UK, in Gibraltar and at sea in memory of the Duke, a senior navy figure before his marriage to Queen Elizabeth. Rows have also formed outside Buckingham Palace in London.

It looks like BAFATA will pay a tribute to Prince Philip at its celebrations.

Different types

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