Prince Harry reveals Princess Diana knew about his fate

Prince Harry reveals Princess Diana knew about his fate


The White House has praised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for talking about their mental health struggles and telling their own stories. ‘

Press Secretary Jane Sackie said: “Forward anyone who has the courage to talk about their struggle for mental health and tell their own personal story.”

Sasaki was specifically asked about the alleged racism that the royal couple said they encountered, in response they appreciated his mental health struggle instead. He also said that Meghan and Harry are both private citizens.

The White House spokesman also spoke at Monday’s press briefing about the United States’ “strong and enduring relationship” with the British people.

“And I just want to reiterate that we have a strong and enduring relationship with the British people and have a special partnership with the British government on a number of issues and will continue to do so.

When asked if President Joe Biden had any reaction to the interview, Jane Sackie said, “We will not send additional comments from the president or other people who are private citizens, their own story and their own. Sharing the struggle.

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