Polar bears are forced to lay eggs

Polar bears are forced to lay eggs


PARIS: Hungry polar bears are increasingly feeding on seafood eggs as climate change reduces their Arctic hunting grounds, but research published on Wednesday shows the strange predators Indicates the struggle to adapt to the changing environment.

The threat of climate change is known for polar bears, driven by the extraordinary rate of change in the Arctic, which is warming twice as fast as the entire planet. Even before that, the sea ice is shrinking and they are less likely to hunt seals.

With the growing need to find alternative livelihoods, polar bears have been pushed further in search of food, including scavengers in human-populated areas. Some bears are also returning to the shore at the same time as seabirds are nesting and snatching from their eggs.

Researchers in Canada used drones to estimate how efficient these top food hunters were in the camp – and therefore how useful eggs are in providing energy to their diet. To feed on ordinary duck nest. On Mayotte Island, in Nunavut. The study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, looked at how the bears reached the nest in 11 days, as the number of eggs had dwindled.

“I noticed that later bears visit more empty nests and did not travel the least amount of energy, but use them less in their clutches,” said Windsor University.

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Eggs Fodder force Polar the bear

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