Paris Hilton shares ‘beautiful love story’ behind enormous engagement ring

Paris Hilton shares ‘beautiful love story’ behind enormous engagement ring


American socialite Paris Hilton has denied details of the story behind her engagement ring given to her by her husband Carter Reim.

During a presentation on On air with Ryan Sext, 40-year-old showed off his massive rock and shared that he was “affected by La Plate” [café] In Paris. “

“It’s a beautiful love story,” he said, flashing an emerald cut ring.

“It’s called Paris.”

“I’m so crazy about it; it spins around like 15 diamonds and then it has a ‘P’ with a sapphire inside.

Paris announced on February 17 that it would join Cater.

On Twitter, the social TV star shared photos of the proposal with her fans.

“When you look for your partner, you just don’t know it. You feel it. Dizzy Symbol This weekend, Carter fell to his knees. Ring and I said yes, yes always. There is no one in the red heart for but I spend forever shining to make more pictures of my birthday dream come true.

The photos show the couple dressed in white and hugging after Reum presented the ring to Hilton.

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