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Pakistan will address EU concerns: Sources

Pakistan will address EU concerns: Sources

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Prime Minister Imran Khan is chairing a meeting of the Federal Cabinet. – PID / file

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to address the concerns of the European Parliament, following which the body has demanded a review of Pakistan’s GSP Plus status, sources said on Monday.

The development came as Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a meeting of senior cabinet ministers. It was called in response to a resolution passed by the European Parliament a few days ago, which called for a review of Pakistan’s GSP Plus status.

According to sources, the Prime Minister stressed that the government will not compromise on the laws related to the end of prophethood.

During the meeting, the participants decided to address the concerns of the European Union. It was also unanimously decided that the protection of minorities in the country would be ensured.

According to sources, the participants said that the GSP Plus trade agreement had nothing to do with blasphemy laws.

Last week, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for a review of the status of GSP Plus granted to Pakistan, stating that minorities and fundamental rights have been observed. About laws (which were discriminatory) are on the rise.

The resolution was introduced by Reno Europe, a liberal, pro-European political group in the European Parliament. It was adopted by a majority of 681 votes to six.

‘Resolution shows lack of understanding’

In response to a European Parliament resolution, the Foreign Office expressed disappointment at the development.

Discussions in the European Parliament reflect the understanding of blasphemy laws and the religious sensitivities of the wider Muslim world in Pakistan. Read a statement from the FO, unconfirmed comments about Pakistan’s judicial system and domestic law are regrettable.

“Pakistan is a vibrant civil society, a parliamentary democracy with a free media and an independent judiciary, fully committed to the promotion and protection of human rights for its citizens without discrimination,” the Foreign Office added.

The FO had said that Pakistan is proud of its minorities who enjoy full protection of equal rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. There are judicial and administrative mechanisms and therapies to prevent any human rights violations.

He said that Pakistan has played an active role in promoting freedom of religion or belief, tolerance and inter-religious harmony. At a time when Islamophobia and populism are on the rise, the international community must show a shared commitment to incite xenophobia, intolerance and violence based on religion or belief, and work together to strengthen peaceful coexistence. “