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Pakistan, S. Arabia to enhance bilateral economic relations

Pakistan, S. Arabia to enhance bilateral economic relations

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on Wednesday agreed to boost bilateral economic ties.

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed A. Al-Maliki met with Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Omar Ayub Khan in his office. The Saudi ambassador congratulated him on taking over the new portfolio of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The two sides discussed the level of bilateral economic cooperation and agreed to enhance cooperation at the current level for the mutual benefit of both countries. The Saudi Ambassador said that the Saudi side was ready to play a stronger role in Pakistan’s economic development.

Ayub congratulated Saudi Arabia on its development and new development projects. He said that the government and the people of Pakistan hold Saudi Arabia in high esteem. It is based on the current level of mutual trust and brotherhood between the two countries. The two countries enjoy close fraternal ties, marked by a common understanding on all issues of mutual interest at the regional and international levels.

The Minister appreciated that Saudi Arabia is generous enough to finance development projects in Pakistan through loans and grants in the fields of education, health, infrastructure and energy, etc. He recalled the visit in February 2019 which strengthened the fraternal ties between the two brotherly countries.

The Saudi Ambassador appreciated Pakistan’s support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all international and diplomatic matters and hoped that the two countries would come out of the current Covid 19 epidemic by successfully exiting all precautions and vaccinations. The Ambassador appreciated the constructive role of Pakistani migrant workers in various sectors of the country.

The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening bilateral economic, trade, cultural and diplomatic ties.