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Olympia Dukakis, Oscar-Winning ‘Moonstruck’ Actress, Dies at 89

Olympia Dukakis, Oscar-Winning ‘Moonstruck’ Actress, Dies at 89

Olympia Dockies, an actress best known for her Oscar-winning turn in Norman Johnson’s “Monstert” and for her role as a widow in “Steel Magnolias”. She was 89 years old.

Dokies’ brother, Apollo Dwakis, confirmed his death Different types. Apollo Dowkis announced his death in a Facebook post, which reads: “My dear sister, Olympia Dowkis, passed away this morning in New York City. After months of good health, she is finally calm and safe with her Louis.

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The actress was 56 years old when she became famous overnight thanks to her Oscar-winning turn in “Monster”, in which she was the mother of Cherry’s character, featuring an extraordinary comedic ethnic elite in the film. The Washington Post praised the dukes: Cheer and Nicholas Cage have the support of “excellent supporting athletes – especially the Olympia dukes, who hope to win the Oscar from Loretta’s world.” The heavy mother will play the role of the day. “

The Caucasus, who also did a lot of television work, was nominated for three Oscars, the first for the TV movie “Lucky Day” in 1991, the second time in 1998 for “More Stories of Armstrong Mopen’s City” and in 1999. Third time miniseries “John of Arc”

Possibly before his fortunes changed from the Oscars, Mike Nicole’s “Working Girl” returned Dowkes to a role for most of his career: his role as a staff director. So she was twelfth.

By the next year, she was the third Bill, behind John Travolta and Christy Ellie, in the baby comedy “Look Who’s Talking”, in which she played the pregnant Ali’s mother in the style of “Monster Stick.” I am reminded of my work. She returned for the 1990s sequel.

Herbert Ross launched “Steel Magnolia” in 1989, starring Julia Roberts, Sallyfield, Sallyfield, Dolly Parton, Shirley McLane and Ducas, to impress women of all ages with their effective emotion and even more effective forest. Lulled to the liner, but Rolling Stone said, “For real fun, stay with McLane, like the crank of the town and the Dokakis widow as the rich widow who takes her to the chaos. They are priceless.”

The actress co-starred with Dan Laud and Alan Burston in the 1993 Bill Duke-directed film “Cemetery Club,” about three Jewish women, all of whom find themselves widowed within a year and end their lives. Dokas’s role has been diligently portrayed. And strong-willed.

The Ducass was part of a Greek course that was either a charming pride or an immaturity, depending on who you ask, in Woody Allen’s 1995 romantic comedy “Matthew Aphrodite”, in which Elson’s character is unfaithful. But Cyrus commented. Also that same year, she appeared in the emotional Richard Dreyfus car as a skeptical, hard-nosed principal. Dutch Aid in the AIDS drama “Jeffrey”, and as the mother of a gay man.

The following year, he played a small role in the Danish-themed spiritual film “Jerusalem” in August. The actress also played a small but powerful role in the 2005 film “The Thing and Marrow Fox” starring Peter Falk and Paul Racer.

In 2006, a year after the 9/11 attacks, the Dockies were part of the co-cast of Vignette’s series “The Great New Wonderful” about life in New York City, and they starred in Sarah Poole’s Alzheimer’s Drama. From afar “I did a great job. His, “Julie Christie’s performance, in which Ducas’s character shows an unwavering realistic view of a difficult situation. Her husband also has Alzheimer’s.

She played John Broden, Kirsten Stewart and Meg Ryan, and played an ignorant grandmother in John Casdan’s “In the Land of Women.” But even more interesting was author-director Thomas Fitzgerald’s 2011 film “Cloud Burst”, in which Ducas worked with Brenda Furker as a gay couple who traveled to Canada for a wedding. used to.. Different types “Ducas has turned even its most memorable changes into Stella, the irreplaceable old dam that is determined to free her lover,” he said.

Her TV work also includes Anna Madergal, a fast-acting actress who presides over an apartment house in San Francisco, “1993 Stories of the City of Armstrong Mopin” and the 1998 sequel “More Stories of the City of Armstrong Mopin”. For which he drew his attention. Emmy Nomination And the third 2001 entry, “More Stories of the City.”

The many TV movies that the Dockies have screened include HBO and the BBC’s “The Band of the Blonde Bumblebees” (2000), starring Jedi Dench and Ian Holm, and WWII The focus was on the unity of a group of women performing orchestras in London. .

Dokaz is a short CCBS set work “Center of the Universe”, featuring a short series starring John Goodman and Jane Smart. He also starred in a number of TV series, voiced on “Fraser” and “The Simpsons” and appeared on “Number”. “Law and Order: SVU,” as a defense attorney; And the HBO spy comedy “Bored of Death”.

Born in Louvre, Massachusetts, Dockies graduated from Boston University and studied acting with Peter Case in Boston.

Ducas’ first experience on Broadway was obscure in 1962, based on the original play “The Spring Papers” by Michael Redgrave, based on a Henry James story, and by Maurice Evans and Wendy Hiller. The Dukes won the Obey in 1963 for their work on Broadway in Bertolt Brechlet’s “Man of Equals”. He hit the stage in 1964 in the one-act play “Ibrahim Kochran”. She returned to Broadway in 1974 with Peter Ostinov’s “Who’s in Hell” but her run was short-lived. His 1986-87 run in Andrew Bergman’s “Social Security”, starring Mike Nichols with Rand Silver, Marlowe Thomas and Joanna Gleason, was a huge success. In 2000, she starred in the One Woman show “Rose” on Birdway, in which she played an 80-year-old Jewish woman in Miami Beach who talks to an audience about her life, including her experiences in the Holocaust.

She made her television debut in 1962 with an episode of “Doctors and Nurses,” which was a special guest on “The Doctor.” The same year The actress stepped off the big screen in the 1964 film “Twice a Man”. Over the next 10 years, he played several small, often unprofessional roles in films, including “Death Wish.” In the Patriots’ 1969 film “John and Mary”, starring Dustin Huffman and Mia Farrow, Ducas played Huffman’s mother. They also co-starred with Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna in 1971’s “Made for Each Other”.

The Dockies were one of the stars of the 1974 political film “The Rehearsal” by writer-director Jules Dassin, about the massacre of protesting students by the ruling junta in Greece. The film was accompanied by many celebrities, including Lawrence Olivier, Arthur Miller, Melina Mercury, Maximilian Shell and Arthur Milt, but the junta fell by the time the film was completed and decades later it was never released to the public. Not seen as In 1975, the actress appeared in a “great performance” presentation of Chekhov’s production of “The Siegel”, which also starred Frank Langella, Blythe Diner and Lee Grant. He starred in Philip Kaufman’s The Wanderers in 1979 and Taylor Hackford’s The Idol Maker in 1980. But despite earning years of credit on film, television and stage, the actress did not act until “Monster Stick” in 1987.

Much later, Dakacis taught master’s classes in acting in the United States and elsewhere. In July 2020, a documentary about his life, titled “Olympia”, was released in the United States.

Ducas was predicted by her husband, actor Louis Zurich, who died in 2018. He is followed by his daughter Christina Zurich, an actress. And sons Peter and Stephen Zurich.

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