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New York City aims to “reopen completely” on July 1

New York City aims to “reopen completely” on July 1

New York: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday that the city hopes to “reopen completely” on July 1.

“We are ready to open shops, to open businesses, offices, theaters, full power,” he told MSBC. The mayor did not specify how and when the sanctions would be lifted, which is in fact a decision by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

De Blasio said there was still “work to be done” and said the key to reopening would be to drop everyone off. New York has been under various sanctions since the corona virus first besieged the city in March last year and has so far killed about 32,000 people.

According to city figures, Big Apple provided some 6.4 million doses of the vaccine. Of the 8.5 million, about 2.4 million New York workers have been fully vaccinated. The mayor said the goal is to reach 500,000 by the end of June. Komo, which has a difficult relationship with De Blasio, has eased several restrictions in recent weeks that could allow restaurants, stadiums, cinemas and performance venues to reopen with limited capacity.