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Netanyahu says he will stand for a year to avoid ‘left-wing government’

Netanyahu says he will stand for a year to avoid ‘left-wing government’

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Official al-Qaeda: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that he would allow former military veteran Naphtali Bennett to serve as his predecessor in a coalition to prevent a “left-wing government.”

But right-wing nationalist Bennett, who emerged as Kingmaker after Israel’s uncontested vote on March 23, quickly dismissed the notion that a deal with Netanyahu was under way. After winning the most seats in the Woods of Israel – Netanyahu received a 28-day mandate to form a coalition.

The mandate expires at midnight on Tuesday. This election further highlighted Israel’s deep and diverse political divisions. For Netanyahu, achieving unity means reaching an agreement between right-wing parties, including Bainet, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish party, and the conservative Islamic Ram Party.

Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and the first person to hold office, has become a deeply divisive figure. The 71-year-old said he would temporarily retreat if it helped maintain his right-wing strength. Netanyahu said, “To stop the left-wing government, I told Naphtali Bennett that I would be ready to accept his request for a rotation deal in which he would be the first prime minister for a year.” Will be, “said Netanyahu.