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Natalie Wood’s Daughter Natasha Reflects on Her Death: ‘You Can Be 50 and Still Miss Your Mom’

Natalie Wood’s Daughter Natasha Reflects on Her Death: ‘You Can Be 50 and Still Miss Your Mom’

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Natasha Gregson Wagner

It’s been almost 40 years since Hollywood star Natalie Wood died, and her daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner has realized that she will always remember her mother, no matter how many years have passed.

“I was eleven years old when my mother died and I will be 51 this year,” Natasha told the crowd. “You may be fifty and still miss your mother.”

Famous for movies like wood Without rebellion (1955) and Western story (1961), died in a drowning accident on November 29, 1981, at the age of 43, accompanied by her husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken on a boat trip to the island of Catalina, with whom she made a film. I was spending. In the years that followed, the questions surrounding that night absorbed much of Wood’s story, his life, and his work.

Last year, Natasha reviewed the events leading up to her mother’s death in her memoirs as part of her life-long research. More than love, New outings in paperback, and HBO documentary What’s left behind “I think I did the right thing in trying to re-establish who she was,” says Natasha. “Now I’m a voice that takes her life seriously.” Should be taken. “

“I need to write a book and claim my story, my insecurities, my grief, my sad action,” said Wood’s daughter and her second husband, producer Richard Gregson. “I was ready to talk about it, my father [Robert Wagner] Ready to talk about it and everything came together. ((Natasha understands Gregson, who died in 2019, and Wagner, whom she calls “Daddy Wagner”, her two fathers.)

It was only recently that Natasha, along with her perfume line, Natalie, first opened up about her mother, impressed by the star’s signature garden perfume. She continued on this path with the release of her memoir last year. “I realize that the celebrity aspect is the most obvious aspect,” but to me this book is really about mothers and daughters. It’s about grief and it’s about finding yourself. ”

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Now that she’s helped her correct her mother’s story, Natasha reflects, “I think I’m going to take this course without her knowing. I didn’t want people to be Tiputo or anyone. Secrets are secrets. I wanted to be out of it. Open and I wanted my daughter Clover (age 10) to feel very proud and at peace with her mother. “

Now she says, “I’m satisfied. Although my father Wagner 91 is strong, not a day goes by that I don’t know he’s 91 – and I think he’s happy for my mother too. I think he’s happy that people have rediscovered that the reaction to the film and the book was so positive. There were a lot of things that people didn’t know about. He was so brave and ahead of his time. And there was such a business woman and she was so emotional, so I’m very relieved, I really will. “

Upcoming new trailer Western story The remake, directed by Steam Spielberg, was also Butt Weight. When Clover saw the trailer, he said, “Where’s Grandma Natalie?” Says Natasha. “I explained that he was not in it and that he was someone else [Rachel Zegler] Maria will play. I think Steven retains the essence of the film, so maybe sadness and happiness can be present at the same time when I think of my mother, maybe old age. Western story And new Western story Can also be present together. “

This year, as Mother’s Day approaches, Natasha says she thinks of Wood “every day.”

“Like an ocean, the tides and currents are different,” she says. “The idea of ​​being a mother to my mother makes me feel satisfied. The more I feel like a mother, the more I feel healed, and I thank her for this book, and the experience, and I love her. The story has to be told. ”