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NAB summons former federal secretary Younis Dhaga

NAB summons former federal secretary Younis Dhaga

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ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rawalpindi today (Wednesday) summoned former Commerce Secretary Younis Dhaga in the ongoing probe into the sugar subsidy scandal. According to sources, the NAB Rawalpindi Joint Investigation Team (CIT) investigating the sugar subsidy scam has summoned Younis Dhaga for clarification on sugar exports. Sources said that NAB’s CIT has asked Younis Dhaga to bring relevant record of minutes of ministerial meetings. Sources said that the former Secretary Commerce was also asked to bring a record of all summaries, recommendations and paperwork during his appearance before the CIT. It is to be noted that NAB has already recorded the statements of the Vice Chairman Sugar Mill Association and senior officials of the Ministry of Industry.