Meghan warned of serious consequences over ‘stinging’ attack on Buckingham Palace

Meghan warned of serious consequences over ‘stinging’ attack on Buckingham Palace


Meghan Markle has apparently launched a war against Buckingham Palace after she accused the Royals of playing an “active role” in “perpetuating lies” in the latest tensions.

According to royal expert Anna Pasternak, after an interview with the Duchess of Sussex, Opera will face a strong reaction from the Royal Family.

The host of the American talk show has been criticized by Prince Harry and his sweetheart since the first teaser of his interview with the hit on the internet.

The royal author has warned Meghan of a backlash, saying her drone strike on Buckingham Palace would not get a response from the Royal Family.

Sharing his opinion with BBC Radio 5 live, Pasternak said: “I think Meghan will find out, yes, a lot of people will support her next week.”

“But the anger of the royal family and the establishment is not what you are looking for,” he warned.

Meghan, in the latest preview, opened up about her experience at the Royal Family. The opera asked: “How do you feel about hearing your truth-telling palace today?”

The Duchess replied: “I don’t know how they can expect us to remain silent even after this time if there is an active role that is playing a role in dispelling the lies about us.

Since the release of the latest clip, many have criticized Meghan and Harry’s plans to sit down with American TV host Opera.

One Young World founder Kate Robertson tweeted: ‘None of this. The Queen is the world’s most amazing example of duty and service. There are complaints from Sussex but they should be resolved personally. It is really rare for the people to hurt the queen. “

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