Kate Middleton had ‘zero interest’ in meeting Meghan Markle for the first time

Kate Middleton had ‘zero interest’ in meeting Meghan Markle for the first time

Kate Middleton did not appear when Harry introduced Meghan Markle to Prince William.

The first meeting between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is something that always fascinates the royal fans.

Surprisingly, when Meghan met Harry’s older brother, Prince William, Kate did not appear because she had no interest in knowing that Harry was dating.

Written by royal authors Omid Scooby and Caroline Dorn The search for freedom, “Meghan was disappointed not to see Kate … but after working well with Harry’s brother, she didn’t think much of it.”

Meghan’s first meeting with Kate came months later, when she had the opportunity to speak to him for a ‘short’ time.

The authors wrote that “Kate did not seem to be much interested in finding out who Harry’s girlfriend was”.

However, this was not because Kate had anything personal against Meghan, “the Duchess is a very protective person.”

The authors write that the Duchess of Cambridge travels in small circles, and is careful not to let new people in.

The authors write that her friends are now “mostly the same as they were on their wedding day.”

Meghan gave Kate a small birthday present that “helped break the ice, as Meghan cooled her twenty-month-old Charlotte at the time,” Scooby and Durand wrote. “The meeting ended with Kate telling us that she is always welcome to contact me if she needs anything.”

However, Kate thinks she and Meghan have nothing in common, “except for the fact that they lived in Kensington Palace.”

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