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Kate Middleton admits to feeling mom guilt when observing royal duty

Kate Middleton admits to feeling mom guilt when observing royal duty

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Kate Middleton has been able to use the Code 19 epidemic to give her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis a chance, something she could not do before.

In an interview with Giovanna Fletcher On Congratulations mom, congratulations baby Last year, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed how much she felt guilty while performing her royal duties.

She acknowledged that leaving the three of them at home was a “constant challenge” as they asked why she could not stay with them.

When asked if she feels guilty about her mother, she said: “Yes, of course – and anyone who is not a mother is really lying.

“Yeah, all the time. Even this morning, on a visit to the nursery here, George and Charlotte were like ‘Mummy, how could you possibly drop us off at school this morning?’

“It’s a constant challenge – you hear it from mom over time, even working moms who aren’t necessarily working and don’t pull them in the direction of shaking up work life and family life.” Are

“[You’re] There are always questions about your decisions and your decisions and things like that, and I think that’s when your baby starts to be born. “

He also explained how he deals with his emotions.

“The more people around you who are safe and loving and caring for your children, the better.

“So yes – it was a real weight off my shoulders. It’s not really my responsibility to do everything, because you know we all have good days, bad days – and you can reduce it with other people. There are those who are not on this special day.

“I think it makes such a difference to your child, to keep them as permanent and happy as possible.”