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Kanye West’s wedding band snap has no mystery, says DJ Khaled

Kanye West’s wedding band snap has no mystery, says DJ Khaled

American singer DJ Khalid has denied rumors that he has posted a picture of Kanye West on his social media, saying it is an old photo so there is no such mystery around the gold band singer’s wedding band. Is.

It was a typical photo taken in DJ Khalid’s studio where the two singers were sharing their music with each other while discussing DJ’s upcoming album. خالد خالد. However, many discerning fans saw Kenny West shaking his wedding band that he had been given to him by his famous wife, American reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, during their divorce.

“First of all, may God bless him and his family, remember it was a while ago, and when I say a while ago, like, when I was starting to create my album,” 45 The singer of the year told the entertainment program tonight. .

“And I was just running her singing ideas that I had so it was long, not too long ago, it was like before, you know, and I love her and her family and her kids. I want to send, you know what I mean? God bless him and his whole family, you know? “

DJ Khalid said the day began when he was told that the “Yes” artist was in his backyard for breakfast. “A member of my team knocked on the door, ‘Uh, Khalid, Mr. West is in your backyard,’ so I go to my backyard and he’s eating scattered eggs with ketchup because he’s my Ask the chef to make some vegan bacon for him and her, “he said.

“And we were just kicking him, grabbing a web, and catching me and he surprised me. We ended up in our own studio at home and we just played music to each other. It’s over … and there’s just a voice, you know what I’m saying? It was just a web and, as you know, I was thankful to have a great conversation with him but at the same time He also listened to some music, and he listened to some of my music