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Kangana Ranaut turns to social media and shows off everything she eats in a day

Kangana Ranaut turns to social media and shows off everything she eats in a day

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Kangana Ranaut turned to social media and showed what she eats in a day

Indian actress Kangana Ranaut is seen peeking into her daily eating habits and what she eats during her day.

The actress started her healthy meal with a photo of “Karak Tea” and picked up the raisins and captioned the photo with the words, “Some people want to know what I eat in a day. Will take in the day and see when I eat.If it helps with weight or immunity, I start my day with a glass of water (too much water becomes too much) then in a while I have a I take strong tea with ordinary sugar + soaked almonds + raisins.

To compensate for the acidic valve in her tea, Ranaut is attracted to raisins, raisins, and in a subsequent tweet highlights breakfast, which reads, “Look at my diet. I don’t like much, I like to eat my mother to compensate for acidic tea, I want to compensate for acidic tea high, mostly local food, I want to drink more strap, tea / coffee, more People with leashes can benefit from my diet. “

Ranawat highlighted the importance of clean and healthy water throughout his healthy eating plan, claiming, “It’s time for some coconut water. If you don’t live in a coastal area, you can have fresh lime or buttermilk.” …. note this is my diet when I’m not working, at work I mostly include a small snack with this drink … “

After that and a little bit of yoga, Ranaut said, “I chose some fruits. Homes in Mumbai are hardly crowded, so I would eat cooked food for breakfast if you are too young or too physically active.” Of course, such a diet is not for you …. “

“Lunch consists mostly of lentils, vegetables and rice. My casual meal is pakoda curry with North Indian style rice and sometimes I like Maharashtrian pomfret fish curry or fried in it. Yogurt is also a must for me in this season, I also squeeze lemons in lentils and put them in vegetables.