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Kagan residents protest for power restoration

Kagan residents protest for power restoration

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Mansehra: The people of Kagan staged a protest on Saturday demanding restoration of power in the valley.

Demonstrators gathered in the main bazaar, blocking traffic for more than two hours.

Angry protesters chanted slogans in support of their demands and against the government.

He said that Mansehra Naran Jalkad Road up to Naran, the commercial center of the valley, was reopened for traffic. However, he said, thousands of families who had relocated to the lower reaches of the Hazara Division since the onset of snowfall late last year could not return to their home villages due to power outages.

He demanded the Peshawar Electric Supply Company to immediately restore power to Kagan and the rest of the valley so that life could return to normal.

Meanwhile, the district administration had fined traders and transporters for violating operating procedures that insulted the novel Corona virus.

The Assistant Commissioners of Mansehra, Balakot and Oghi paid surprise visits to shops and business centers and bus terminals and fined dozens of traders and transporters.