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Joe Jonas lavishes love on 9-month-old daughter Willa he shares with Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas lavishes love on 9-month-old daughter Willa he shares with Sophie Turner

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American singer Joe Jones publicly expressed his admiration and love for his 9-month-old daughter, Will Old, as she shared her thoughts on parenting on television.

Sophie Turner, a 31-year-old singer and wife of 25, welcomed her daughter last July. This is the first time Joe Jones has spoken publicly about his newborn daughter during an interview with CBS This Morning on Tuesday, May 4.

“It’s amazing,” Joe described Wila as a “beautiful” little girl.

“Time has passed forcibly at home. I always walk, I always walk and travel and tour. And to stay in a place for a certain place of time and to keep my feet on the ground and my family. Living with, my neighborhood family, now is the time I don’t think I’ll be back. “

“I am very grateful and grateful,” he continued.

When asked what he learned the most as a parent, he joked.

“I miss a lot of performances,” he said, admitting that he loves quiet moments at home with Villa and Sophie.

Actress Sophie Turner celebrated her second anniversary by sharing some snapshots of her Las Vegas wedding on social media.

The Game of Thrones actress captioned her post, “Happy 2nd Vegas Wedding Anniversary to this great hunk of human flesh.”

Joe Jones gave a beautiful tribute: “As married [email protected]K K up to 2 years! I love you. “

Sophie Turner, in a previous interview, praised the better half of those who saved their lives when they met five years ago.

“They are, as it were, ‘I can’t live with you unless you love yourself, I can’t see you love yourself more than you love yourself.’

“It was something he was doing. I think it somehow saved my life.”