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ITV Pulls ‘Viewpoint’ Following Noel Clarke Sexual Misconduct Allegations

ITV Pulls ‘Viewpoint’ Following Noel Clarke Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Following a spate of allegations against series star Noel Clarke, British broadcaster ITV pulled the plug on the end of its new drama series “View Point”, which aired tonight (Friday) at 9pm. Is.

Following numerous allegations of sexual abuse, harassment and intimidation against Clark following the Guardian’s investigation, the “Love Island” broadcaster was called to the police station – which airs every night this week – to call early There is a lot of pressure. The outlet spoke to 20 women who had worked with the actor in a professional setting.

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“ITV has a zero tolerance policy on bullying, harassment and victimization and strong procedures to investigate and deal with any complaints. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to work in a supportive and safe environment. Is, ”read a joint statement with a statement Different types.

In light of the serious nature of the allegations made against Noel Clark by 20 women in the Guardian report, ITV has decided to air the last episode of the drama ‘View Point’ on ITV’s main channel this evening. Broadcasting is not appropriate.

“We remember that some of our viewers have already spent four hours in the last four nights following this thrilling film, and now they have to watch the final episode,” he said. As such, we intend to make it available to any viewer on the ITV Hub tonight for a limited time, and want to find it. “

Different types It is understood that neither the producer Tiger aspect nor ITV has received any complaints about Clark’s behavior during the show.

The series, which airs Thursday night, will be available on ITV Hub just two hours after the Guardian’s story fell – until Sunday evening, after which it will disappear from all ITV platforms.

Shortly after ITV’s break at the end of the news, “Viewpoint” star Alexandra Roach thanked the women for their “unwavering support in moving forward and preventing such behavior in our industry.” Expressed for “Faith Bravery”.

“If I could stop working with sex predators … it would be great,” Roach said. “A big hug to all the cast and crew who worked so hard on ‘Perspectives’. For those who want to see the final episode, you’ll find it on ITV Hub in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Clark has also been removed from a written scheme by ITV and “The Seasbury Poisons” producer Dance Lage Productions, in which 25% of the freestyle is at stake.

Clark was mentored by Alex Strucker, whose writing credits include “East Endeavors” and “Holby City.” ITV and Dancing Ledge have decided that it is no longer “appropriate” for Clark to remain a patron because of the allegations against him, and a new adviser will be sought for the striker.

The Guardian’s hard-fought investigation has yielded sharp results. Bafata recently suspended the organization’s special award-winning actor from its membership, while Clarke’s longtime friend and “Bulletproof” co-star Ashley Waters also distanced herself from the star, saying That they “can never condole with him. Nature is neither outside the workplace nor outside.”

Naman Ram Chandran contributed to this report.

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