Imran Abbas claps back over ‘fake concern’ for Meera’s mental health

Imran Abbas claps back over ‘fake concern’ for Meera’s mental health

Imran Abbas applauded the ‘fake concern’ for my mental health

Pakistani star Imran Abbas has gone on social media to criticize citizens who show him “fake worries” because of his mental health problems.

The actress blew up the media in a Facebook post, according to entertainment journalist Maleeha Rehman, shortly after the news of Myra’s admission to a psychiatric ward in the United States surfaced.

Abbas wrote in his post: “I called this morning to tell all the media that he is fine and has no mental health problems. Please don’t make this story sensational and make fun of it. ”

“Calling someone mentally unstable [expletive] Fun. A person loses his reputation in the society and besides this it can in fact push him towards mental disorder and force him to take drastic action.

“It can really hurt her career and negatively affect her in many ways. None of us is perfect and we all have flaws in some way. ‘Perfection’ is that job.” She does not need your sympathy or prayers to be healed according to the Creator alone. “

Please do not show these fake concerns. Let’s pray for our sick society, news channels and social media that can really force anyone to commit suicide with their beautiful jokes and weird jokes.

For unconverted people, local media are claiming that the actor had allegedly encountered an American doctor when he was given the COVID-19 vaccine, according to reports quoting the actor’s mother Shafqat Rubab. After taking it, she was demanding preferential treatment for her fever.

According to a Dunya News report, Meera had requested special treatment, claiming that she had been given a protocol by the Prime Minister.

After hearing the actor’s claims, the doctor reported it to mental health officials, after which he was allegedly admitted to a psychiatric center for two days.

In addition, his mother, while talking to the news channel, also requested the authorities in Pakistan to bring the actor back home safely.

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