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Here’s when ‘Jeopardy!’ is expected to name Alex Trebek’s official successor

Here’s when ‘Jeopardy!’ is expected to name Alex Trebek’s official successor

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The current threat is “Danger!” Still in full swing, but looking forward to next season is not too soon – especially after the announcement of the show’s long-running game show.

According to executive producer (and current guest host) Mike Richards, when shooting Season 38 classes in late July or early August, it will do so with its next official host. This means that fans will learn who will finally have the opportunity to follow in Alex’s footsteps late in the summer.

Even for Richards – it’s still a mystery.

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The 45-year-old told the Wall Street Journal podcast that “the decision will have to be made in front of the heads of Sony (Entertainment).” “They’ve been a part of it. They know what’s going on in the studio. They’re watching the feeds, the tubes. It’s very wide. As far as testing its size and breadth is concerned, anything in it. Not the opposite.

So with this casting call, no one has to rely on play or destiny.

Richards added, “You want to make an informed decision. In the end, we’re a beautiful brain group, ‘endangered’! Team. We want to go into it with real analysis and real testing and just don’t want to go. “Hey, how is this boy?” It is of this nature that many of these decisions have been made historically.

As far as the audition process is concerned, listeners have witnessed that since the final episodes of the track aired in January, two months after the death of the esteemed host after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Weeks later, broadcasters, entertainers, sports and many other celebrities arrived at the podium to serve as guest hosts. And while not all of those temporary gigs are looking to fill up permanently, some, like NFL star Aaron Rogers, have expressed interest.

Richards said that while he would not “reject anything”, he would be surprised if the job went to someone who did not serve as one of the hosts. This means that the fans who are moving around and talking about it will be … kind of in the process.

“It’s definitely going to work, and I think the fans can react differently,” Richards explained. “As far as we really understand what the audience is saying and who is saying it, we are very important.”

However, when you’re talking about a show that can have an average of “over 70 million” viewers a week, according to Richards, it’s not just about listening to loud voices on social media. It’s about listening to people who have “fan spirit.”

Whether the options that decide the gig should go to Rogers or the host of the incoming guest, Liver Burton, or someone else who has the support of a fan base, Richards thinks it will be his only job.

“I think he did a good job as a job for Exxon,” he noted. “It’s not a stir for me, and we’re clear about that.”

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Above all, the candidate had an important qualifier track – reputation.

“Do you believe them when you make decisions in the game?” Richards mentioned. “Host of danger!” Mediator of the game. So you buy them, ‘Yeah, that’s right?’

Bekbek The track, which has hosted the show for years, is indeed a very strict process to follow for some time to “endanger!” Unbelievable viewers – with the possible exception of AI affected by trackbacks, recommended by a “journal” listener – may be able to fill their place.

“I think one of the most beautiful things that has come, the blessing that has come, if you can call it a blessing, is it really the sacrifice of the love and admiration he gave to the world,” Trek’s widow Jane said recently. It had an effect on today’s Sauna Gotri. “Some people just, you know, you don’t see that when you’re still embodied, you don’t really see all the love that people feel for you. And I know it’s a lot for Alex. It was a great inspiration.