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Harrison Ford uses Oscar soapbox to get some Blade Runner complaints off his chest

Harrison Ford uses Oscar soapbox to get some Blade Runner complaints off his chest

Harrison Ford

If there’s ever a time for actors to share an uncomfortable opinion, it’s the Oscars. As the angry people of Facebook will tell you, Hollywood is very political these days. Fortunately for us, Harrison Ford really doesn’t care what anyone thinks, as long as he can continue to buy and destroy planes. While shuffling on stage to read the nominees for Best Editing at the 93rd Academy Awards, Harleen Harrison Ford always took the opportunity to share some editing notes about the 40-year-old film. Blade runner.

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Ford joked, “I’d like to share some notes, some editorial suggestions that, oh, were made after a screening of a movie I had.” He gets drunk.

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“Were they all drug addicts? The decker on the piano is intermittent. The flashback dialogue is vague. Is he listening to the tape? Why do we need a third cut of eggs? The music of the synagogue on the street is terrible. To use. Until Zora’s death, the movie is dangerous. This movie is bad at every screening.

This will not be the first time Ford has taken some shots Blade runnerOriginal theater kit. In fact, for decades, he has been rumored to have sabotaged statements from the studio, a rumor he had in an interview with Playboy in 2002. He told Playboy that it was not intentional. It just got worse.

I was forced to state my agreement. When I first agreed to film, I told Ridley that the statement was too informative for the audience. I said, “Let’s take it out and put it in the scenes and let the audience get this information in the form of a story without telling it.” And he said that’s a good idea. We sat around the kitchen table and we did it. When we were done, the studio said that no one would understand this film. We have to make a statement. He had already removed Ridley from the film – his budget was exhausted. So I was compelled by my agreement to record this statement, which I made five or six times at different times. Finally, the last time I demonstrated this, and this old Hollywood writer is sitting there, with a pipe sticking out of his mouth, bumping into this portable typewriter in one of the studios. I’ve never seen this guy before, so I nodded and said, “Hello, I’m Harrison Ford.” It flutters away from me. He came to hand over his pages to me. To this day, I still don’t remember who he was, and that’s why I said, “Look, I’ve done this five times before. I’m not going to argue with you. And I’ve never won, so I’m only going to read this 10 times, and you’ll do whatever you want with it. I did it. Did I do it on purpose? No. I did it. To the best of my ability, I have no input. I never thought they would use it. But I didn’t try and put it in the sandbag. It was just a misrepresentation.

Never changed, Harrison Ford. Never changes.