Ghee, oil prices rise in utility stores before Ramadan

Ghee, oil prices rise in utility stores before Ramadan

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Ghee and oil prices have risen in utility stores across the country ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

The notification further said that the price of cooking oil has been increased from Rs 6 to Rs 9 per liter while the price of ghee has been increased by Rs 7 per kg.

The notification said that utility stores have increased the prices of branded ghee and oil.

It is noteworthy that a recent report by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics said that the inflation rate in the country has reached a seven-month high, and in March it rose to 9.05 percent.

Last month, sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had barred the concerned authorities from raising the prices of ghee in utility stores across the country.

According to sources, after the Prime Minister refused to increase the prices, the Finance Minister also supported the decision of the Prime Minister.

The Finance Minister had said that “Ghee is a basic need of the people. Its price should not be increased.”

The Economic Co-ordination Committee (ECC) had earlier allowed an increase of Rs 30 in the price, but following the directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the goods will be sold at Rs 170 per kg at utility stores instead of Rs 200.

In addition, the ECC approved a Rs. 7.6 billion Ramadan package after a meeting chaired by then-Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.

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