Flows from dams are being increased to facilitate kharif sowing


Lahore: Water flow has been increased from dams to facilitate kharif sowing.

According to WAPDA’s water report released on Wednesday, the presence and inflow of rivers as well as the reservoir levels and barrages at Tarbela, Mangla and Chashma are as follows: Rivers: Indus in Tarbela: 24,400 cusecs and outflow 40,000. Nowshera in Kabul: 11800 cusecs and outflow 11800 cusecs, Jhelum in Mangla: 35600 cusecs and outflow 45000 cusecs, Chenab in Marala: 9300 cusecs and outflow 3400 cusecs. Barrage: Jinnah: 39200 cusecs and outflow 34700 cusecs, Fountain: flow: 38500 cusecs and outflow 43000 cusecs, Taunsa: 37000 cusecs and outflow 36500 cusecs, Panjd: flow 9100 cusecs and outflow 9100 cusecs, Guddu 42600 cusecs, Sukkur : 38400 cusecs and outflows 9700 cusecs Kotri: 5100 cusecs and outflows 400 cusecs. Reservoirs (surface and storage): Tarbela: Minimum operating level 1392 feet, current level 1416.73 feet, maximum protection level 1550 feet, direct storage on Wednesday 0.406 million acre feet (MAF). Mangla: Minimum operating level 1050 feet, current level 1130.65 feet, maximum protection level 1242 feet, direct storage today 1.089 MAF. Spring: Minimum operating level 638.15 feet, current level 646.40 feet, maximum protection level 649 feet, current storage 0.166 mAf.

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