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First Black ‘RHONY’ star praised for making a big statement during her debut

First Black ‘RHONY’ star praised for making a big statement during her debut

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Oops: Marvel’s new trailer could confirm a major leak of 2021’s most exciting MCU movie

Miracle surprised fans with a three-minute montage on Monday that promotes his films in the best possible way. It features some of the most incredible MCU moments we’ve ever experienced since Iron Man was first released in theaters, as well as teasers of upcoming attractions. Marvel unveiled the titles of Black Panther 2 and Captain America 2, and confirmed release dates for Antman 3 and Guardian 3, while also teasing Fantastic Four Reboot. The highlight of the video was the first footage of Eternal, which is one of four MCU Phase 4 films released this year. Marvel has not yet released a teaser or a full trailer for the film, which is set to premiere on November 5. But the scenes that Miracle showed may be enough to confirm the massive leak of Ethereals a few weeks ago that was fraught with error. The entire plot of the film was probably leaked in great detail to someone who tested it before posting it on Reddit, and the Marvel scenes in this new video confirm it. We’ll warn you that major perverts follow below, so skip reading here if you want to make Eternal a complete surprise. The Eternal Plot leak we saw at the end of March came from a Marvel subreddit, in the sense that they were able to verify the veracity of the information. He said at the time, “This plot summary was sent to us a few days ago and after that the irrefutable evidence of factual information was also examined by this writer.” Eternal Story Laker’s account stems from a “very early test screening” that included incomplete FX, a temporary music track, and scenes that may not have been finalized. Here is a description of the plot leak that matches what we just saw in Marvel’s official video: Congo [Kumail Nanjiani] Is a Bollywood actor (a short dance routine that introduces him) and comes with a group with his server (name not remembered) who tries to document everything on video. Marvel has also included a scene in the promo video that confirms the information, which will not be known to anyone outside of the film’s production. In front of us, Kongo is taking off his glasses, while behind him, a man is apparently documenting everything around him. We already knew that Nanjani would play the role of a Bollywood actor in Eternal, which is also a powerful eternity. But this particular scene is similar to the details of the plot leak a few days ago. Unless all of this is a broad consensus, Marvel has inadvertently confirmed the leaked plot on Reddit. I’ve always said that Eternal is one of the most exciting MCU Phase 4 movies to be released this year, and even before it all came out well, director Klu Zhao had won an Oscar for Nodeland. This is because the film features a great cohesive cast, including many new heroes that we have not yet found in MCU. Some of them will likely join the Avengers in the future. Marvel’s clip shows many of them in action, not just Nanjiani’s Kongo – here’s the clip again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdpxoFcdORI Finally, here There’s some Eternal Plot leak that was leaked a few weeks ago: it takes a lot of time to give context to different plot points – I don’t remember all the linear commands so the abstract title of the abstract title Will include information that explains the devils and the Eternal. The Cells created to hunt predators that have intelligent life in the new developing worlds, but then they also began to hunt for life, so the Cells created the Eternal to kill the demons. Opens 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia A man is fishing on some rocks with his son (?) And is attacked by a sea monster. The Eternals are exhibited and a brief battle ensues, after which they become triangular “heroes” and the surprise unfolds at the opening of the Marlowe logo. Jumping Today – Sursi [Gemma Chan] And Dan Whitman [Kit Harington] There are teachers in the UK and teachers. During class lessons, a big earthquake occurs, and Cersei saves a child from falling by turning it into sand. Later on, at a later date, a demon, Sirsi, attacks Sprite [Lia McHugh], And Dan; Ikaris during the war [Richard Madden] Apparently, he countered by noting that he believed that all demons were destroyed, and that, unlike others, Satan was able to heal his wounds. The group decides to leave [Salma Hayek] Because she was the leader of this group. Arriving in the Midwest farm where she lives, they discovered her dead body, a small golden device leaving Ajax’s body and entering Cersei (thus she communicates with the Celestials) – then she Decided to adopt the rest of the Eternal. To deal with the devils. ثینا [Angelina Jolie] And Gilgamesh [Ma Dong-seok] Is in Australia (I think) because of a problem in his memory that randomly attacks other Eternal. Gilgamesh obviously loves Theina, but it’s not played out like a romantic relationship. Phastos [Brian Tyree Henry] And her husband lives with her child and she decides to help because of the fact that she has fully accepted the human race and wants to protect her family. مکراری [Lauren Ridloff] It’s been living on the Ethereals ship all the time (I guess, because there’s food containers and garbage scattered there. Congo [Kumail Nanjiani] Is a Bollywood actor (a short dance routine that introduces him) and comes with a group with his server (name not remembered) who tries to document everything on video. Drag [Barry Keoghan] They want to overcome the loss of confidence in humanity and to prevent war, famine, etc. Gulgamish was killed while fighting the devils in the forest. Cersei knows that the Celestials created both races and that the Eternals are basically just very advanced robots. They sow small planets with one-planet ‘eggs’ that take the moon to mature. The evolving intelligent life on these planets feeds the growth of celestial bodies, so the Eternals have been sent to save the changing forms of life and to kill the gods. Since the Exodus, the Eternal has been ‘rebooted’ and sent to another world (this is because of Thena’s memory, because she knows the planet is doomed) – this cycle has been going on for millions of years. The earth was sown and Timothy is about to emerge (this was the cause of the previous earthquake). Once awakened, the planet and all life will be destroyed. They discuss what to do and decide what to do to try and find a way to stop this exodus. Akris disagrees, Sprite and Congo are on his side, but Congo agrees to help. Fastos has developed a device (Unimind) that will allow Drag to channel all the energies of the Eternal in the hope of overcoming Timothy and putting him back to sleep. Cersei learns that Akiras knew about Cecils’ original plans and that is why he left the group hundreds of years ago. He kills Ajax because he decides to stop the rise and help save the earth. The group goes where Timothy is and tries to use the tool. Acaris and Sprite tried to stop them. Cersei then uses the device to expand its power and bend Timothy like a marble, as his hand and part of his head emerge from the Indian Ocean. Acres flew into space (toward the sun – unclear if he just left or flew into the sun and killed himself), making Cersei Street a real man who is left with his power. A few days later (?) Thena, Makrari, and Drag set sail to find other Eternals and stop the cycle of destruction. Sirsi, Congo, and Pistos are on Earth, but then Arshim dragged them into space and disappeared. Two End Credit Stingers: 1) Dean looks at an old box and pulls out a wrapped sword. Just as he is about to touch her, an off-screen voice stops him. 2) On Eternal’s ship, the pop troll appears and introduces Star Fox.