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Erdogan says Biden’s genocidal identity is “devastating”

Erdogan says Biden’s genocidal identity is “devastating”

ANKARA: Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday condemned US President Joe Biden’s confession to the Armenian genocide as “baseless” and detrimental to bilateral relations.

Erdogan issued a cautious statement before Biden made the historic announcement at a ceremony commemorating the tragic events of 1915-15 on Saturday. But Erdogan did not restrain his anger in a televised address that pointed to a history of slavery and oppression of Native Americans.

“The US president has made baseless and unfair remarks,” Erdogan said in a televised remark. But the devastating effect of these comments cannot be underestimated. “

Erdogan said Biden needed to “look in the mirror” at what he called “centuries-old genocide.” “We can talk about Native Americans, blacks and what happened in Vietnam,” Erdogan said.