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Eight drowned in different parts of Sindh

Eight drowned in different parts of Sindh

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Sukkur: Eight people drowned in different incidents in different areas of Sindh including Dadu, Nawabshah, Khairpur and Sanghar districts.

In the first tragedy, four people were killed trying to save each other. It all started when Raju Mall fell into the Kakul Wah regulator (canal) and three, including two brothers, jumped into the canal one after the other to save each other but they all drowned. The deceased have been identified as Ashiq, his brothers Mashooq, Maghan and Raju. Their bodies were recovered from the canal by local divers.

The bodies of Bushra and her daughter Zebal were found in the Merwah Canal near Tri Mirwah in Khairpur on Saturday. The two drowned in the canal after a motorcycle accident on Thursday.

In a similar incident, Amjad Patto drowned while swimming in the Hala branch (canal) near Nawabshah. Pattoo’s body was recovered by local divers. In another accident, Muneeb fell into a water tank in Sanghar and drowned.