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Corona killed nine people in Multan

Corona killed nine people in Multan

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Multan: Nine patients of Nishtar lost their lives in Nishtar Hospital after their respiratory system did not work, Nishtar Hospital officials confirmed on Friday.

Patients identified as Sakina BB 50, Jhang, Sharifan BB 55, Vehari, Ahsanullah 50, Sialkot, Azra BB 30, Bhakkar, Paris BB 55, M Yasmeen 78, Shahbaz Tufail 60, Irshad BB 60 Multan and Ayesha. BB60. 40 from Sialkot.

The statistics of Nishtar Hospital have proved that there are 284 corona patients being treated in Nishtar Hospital out of which 118 are positive, 87 are suspects and 79 are negative.

The Karuna Positivity rating has been fluctuating continuously, showing an overall rating of 11.97pc in Multan Division which includes Multan 23.30pc, Khanewal 2.67pc, Vehari 2.67pc and Lodhran 6.27pc.

In the last 24 hours in Multan, 264 patients tested positive for 2,205 corona. Hospitals of Multan Division are awaiting 10,836 corona test reports.